Laboratory instruments demand precision, repeatability and dependability. Laxco has many years of experience developing complex optical products for demanding industries of telecommunication, life sciences, electronics and scientific researching. Our laboratory products come with a heritage of technical strength, prominent reputation of precision, and cost effectiveness, while meeting customer needs. Our designs incorporate many innovative features, address issues others overlook, and come with a strong industry standing.

Laxco's instruments line provides a plethora of spectrophotometers to choose from. Our new MicroSpek™ product line provide a series of instruments for life science fields dealing with cell density, DNA, RNA and protein quantification with unprecedented accuracy. The product line includes many configurations with models offering both a micro volume sample and industry standard micro-cuvette based sampling. MicroSpek™ LIFE 8 provide 8 channels of micro volume sampling as low as 1ul. Labs doing high volume analysis can process 8 samples at a time which speed up the process a lot. This configuration speeds processing and allows extremely small samples.

Laxco is a innovation firm headquartered at Bothell, Washington area. We design the best simple easy to use instruments for the life science community.