Laxco, has been developing and selling microscopes for more than 2 decades. Over the past 20 years our microscopy portfolio has been sold under private labels, and more than 1 million of our microscopes have been place in elementary schools to colleges, from life science research institute to medicine and clinical, from industrial and manufacturing facility to material and earth science research activity and our microscope was widely used across a broad spectrum of industries. Many of our microscope models have been sold under big brand names, and now for the first time under its own brand. Laxco is introducing two lines, its educational and premiere line. Its educational brand will focus on the needs of the educational market, with several new products in development geared toward enhancing the learning environment, while our premiere line focuses on quality, innovation and functionality. The premiere line design to meet the need of scientist and research associates in almost all different kind of lab environment. 

Life Science Instruments:   

Simple innovation is at the heart of our life science instruments portfolio. Laxco is in the process of developing a wide range of devices to that address cell density, DNA, RNA & Protein applications. These systems include cell density meters, concentration readers,  plate readers, transilluminator, & western blot imagers.


We carry a wide range of spectrophotometers from simple visible light systems, to full spectrum with single or dual beams. Our systems are geared towards educational to research application and we have a system for every budget. 


Laxco's refractometers are sold under a wide range of different brands, and more than a quarter million have been placed in organizations, institutes and companies across North America. These small light weight, hand held devices are ideal for many different industries to include food and beverage, automotive, clinical, and industrial applications.  Our refractometer line consists of 3 series, our economic, industrial and lighted series.