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Key Features:

    • Standalone units with 128 x 64 pixel LCD display
    • Wide range in wavelengths from 325nm to 1100nm
    • Single beam systems, Littrow, grating 1200/line/mm
    • Digital display to indicated absorbance or transmittance
    • Visible light spectrophotometer with halogen illumination
    • Digital intensity adjustment
    • Compartmented single cuvette sample holder (other options available)
    • Manual selectable wavelength
    • Built in Thermal printer output port for data curve (printer not included)
    • Supports up to 200 test points that can be saved onto local memory
    • Mid level product; perfect for education & industry
    • Light Source (Halogen Lamp) to supply the light
    • A monochromator to isolate the wavelength of interest and eliminate the unwanted second order radiation
    • A sample compartment to accommodate the sample solution
    • A detector to receive and convert the transmitted light to an electrical signal
    • A digital display to show absorbance and transmittance


  Wavelength Range
  Spectral Slit Width
  Wavelength Accuracy
  Wavelength Repeatability
  Stray Radiant Energy  
  Wavelength Resolution
  Photometric Range
  Photometric Accuracy
  Photometric Repeatability
  Stray Light
  Data Output*  
Power Requirements
Net Weight
  325 ~ 1100 nm
  5 nm
± 0.8 nm
1 nm
≤ 0.3%T at 340nm & 400 nm
  0.1 nm
  0-200%T, -0.3-3A, -9999-9999C
  ±0.002A(0~0.5A), ±0.004A(0.5~1A)
  ±0.008A(1~2A), ±0.3%T(0~100%T
  ±0.001A(0~0.5A), ±0.002A(0.5~1A)
  ± 0.05%T at 340nm
  ≤ 0.002A/hr at 500nm, 0A
85-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
570 (L) x 460 (W) x 230 (H) mm
  13.5 kg

* The USB port can be used to connecting to a Windows based computer which is running the Application Software. The RS232 port can be used for upgrading the firmware.