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Key Features:

    • Standalone unit with 320 x 240 pixel graphic LCD display
    • Wide range in wavelengths from 190nm to 1000nm
    • Single beam systems, Littrow, grating 1200/line/mm
    • Advanced re-scaling axis, curve smoothing, zoom, overlap and 1st to 4th derivative for qualitative analysis 
    • UV/Vis light spectrophotometer
    • Basic photometric, quantitative, DNA/Protein, Kinetic (enzyme reaction rate) & Wavelength Mode
    • Compartmented multi cuvette sample holder 
    • Digitally selectable wavelength & intensity adjustment
    • Built in Thermal printer output port for data curve (printer not included)
    • Supports up to 1000 test points that can be saved onto local memory
    • Research grade; perfect for labs and industry
    • Halogen and deuterium lamp to supply light
    • A monochromator to isolate the wavelength of interest and eliminate the unwanted second order radiation
    • A sample compartment to accommodate the sample solution
    • A detector to receive and convert the transmitted light to an electrical signal
    • A digital display to show absorbance and transmittance


  Wavelength Range
  Spectral Slit Width
  Wavelength Accuracy
  Wavelength Repeatability
  Stray Radiant Energy 
  Photometric Range 
Photometric Accuracy
  Photometric Repeatability
  Baseline Flatness
  Stray Light
  Data Output 
Power Requirements
Net Weight
  190 ~ 1000 nm
  4 nm (2mm optional)
± 0.5 nm
≤ 0.2 nm
  ≤ 0.05%@220 nm & 340 nm
  -0.3 to 3A; 0-200%T;  -9999 to 9999C
  ±0.002A(0~0.5A), ±0.3%T (T~100%T)
  ±0.001A(0~0.5A, ±0.15%T(0~100%T)
  ≤ 0.001A  at 500nm, DA, 2nm SBW, after 1 hr
  ±0.002A (200-1000nm)
  ≤0.05%T at 220nm & 340 nm
85-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
570 (L) x 570 (W) x 230 (H) mm
  16 kg