DSM Density Meter

DSM Density Meters – Designed for your Experiments
 Laxco, Incorporated has designed a robust, easy to use instrument dedicated to the measuring of cell density in suspension for such organisms as E. coli, yeast, cells and other cell cultures in our DSM series of instruments. The small instrument is easily carried from place to place so that usage can be where the cell cultures are growing like your incubation cabinets, under anaerobic conditions, fume hood or safety cabinets. There are multiple versions to address your needs from single channel models to more complex, multiple channel models. All share the same feature set except for the sampling site setup. Each instrument includes a data port, USB 2 type, for capturing the experiment’s results.


The DSM series of instruments are cell density meters. They are portable, light weight, easy to use and battery powered. The devices function as a cell density meter for measurement of E. Coli, yeast cells and other biological agents in suspension at the 600 nm wavelength of light.

The instruments have the functions of % transmission (% T), logarithmic transmission absorption (Abs) and also provides an intervalometer for time-lapse recording. Each instrument is sized to permit it to be used in smaller spaces, incubation chambers, anaerobic compartments or other environmentally controlled areas.

A LED provides 600 nm light that is focused to the sample to obtain the readings. A simple touch panel provides all the function buttons. The control panel with the user buttons is constructed of glass for easy wipe down and spill clean-up.

  • ·        Highly portable instruments, take it to where you do cell cultures
  • ·        One button operation, Extremely easy workflow to allow quick testing
  • ·        USB 2 port for data collection – support automated data collection
  • ·        Direct Results Viewing, results directly visible on instrument’s screen
  • ·        Easy Cleaning with the integrated drain in the test sites and durable plastic construction
  • ·        Battery powered operation permits usage up to 30 days away from an electrical outlet
  • ·        Intervalometer Mode, allows extended sample testing with multiple measurement tracking and recording
  • ·        LED light source for no maintenance and extended instrument life
  • ·        Fully built-in controls, no PC or software required