DSM- Dual

DSM- Dual TM


  • Small, portable and dedicated cell density instrument
  • Instrument is powered by a rechargeable battery
  •  Simple one button operation for functions
  • USB port allows easy data collection or printing results
  •  Fully built-in controls and software requiring no computer for operation

Technical Information:



The DSM-Dual TM instrument is a cell density meter that is portable, light weight, easy to use and battery powered. The device functions as a cell density meter for measurement of E. Coli, yeast cells and other biological agents in suspension at the 600 nm wavelength of light.

The instrument has the functions of % transmission (% T), logarithmic transmission absorption (Abs) and also provides an intervalometer for time-lapse recording. The instrument is sized to permit it to be used in smaller spaces, used in incubation chambers, anaerobic compartments or other environmentally controlled areas.


A LED provides 600 nm light that is focused to the sample to obtain the readings. A simple touch panel provides all the function buttons. The control panel with the user buttons is constructed of glass for easy wipe down and spill clean-up.

A USB 2.0 port is provided to connect to a PC.  The PC connection provides a method to input the instruments data collected for further analysis. A fully recharged battery assembly will provide 30 hours of operation free of AC power. The recharge time is 1-2 hours when the instrument is turned off.

Cleaning the instrument can be accomplished using common laboratory agents like de-ionized water, ethanol, or sterilized with formaldehyde or ethylene. Organic solvents like acetone should not be used as it may degrade the sample sites.

The DSM-Dual TM comes preconfigured to provide testing using extremely small drop 20 ul samples or using a standard 10 mm cuvette.


Technical Specifications

Center Wavelength CWL (nm)

600 nm 

Full Width-Half Max. FWHM (nm)

10 nm 


Optical density -0.3 to 1.99 A 


± 0.05 A at 1 A


± 0.02 A at 1 A 

Micro-Volume Pedestal

As low as 20 micro liter

Cuvette Holder

Accepts 10 mm path length semi-micro and macro cuvettes or  14-17 mm round tubes, fixed with drain channel


USB 2.0


1000 readings 

Power Requirements

240 x 160 graphic LCD

Approximate Dimensions

Internal rechargeable NiMH battery or universal external power supply (wide range 110-220 V)


194 × 84 × 173 mm (W × H × D) 

Safety Certifications

0.8 kg