DSM-Theory of Operation

DSM Density Meters – Designed for your Experiments TM
 Laxco, Incorporated has designed a robust, easy to use instrument dedicated to the measuring of cell density in suspension for such organisms as E. coli, yeast, cells and other cell cultures in our DSM series of instruments. The small instrument is easily carried from place to place so that usage can be where the cell cultures are growing like your incubation cabinets, under anaerobic conditions, fume hood or safety cabinets. There are multiple versions to address your needs from single channel models to more complex, multiple channel models. All share the same feature set except for the sampling site setup. Each instrument includes a data port, USB 2 type, for capturing the experiment’s results.

Theory of Operation

The instrument is based on a LED light source, touch switches with LCD display and a small dedicated processor. The switches uses touch technology so there is no real buttons to push and the display is inherently liquid contact durable. The unit is not sealed but all liquids will flow such that damage will not occur.

The user sets up the unit for his or her testing making the necessary setting and “blanking” the instrument. Blanking is zeroing to address any drift in the components that may have happen. The user then places his sample in one of the sample sites. Different models support different handling of the sample. Then the user presses the “TEST” button and the results are displayed instantly.

The instrument also supplies a USB 2 port for data acquisition. A simple tabulated stream of data is supplied. Using software and analysis tools the user has, a complete report of the test results can be obtained for record keeping.