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Capacitive Touch:

The DSM series moves user interface into the 21st century with capacitive touch buttons. Capacitive buttons are more reliable than mechanical buttons such as membrane switches, and they are easier to clean. The user can simply wipe down the front of the device and be assured that no liquid will enter the device. 

LCD Display: 

The DSM has a 3.5” monochrome graphical back-lit LCD display with 240 x 160 pixel resolution. The displays higher resolution allows for great visualization of charts and graphs, and a vast improvement over the more traditional segmented LCD displays that only can display predefined icons and segments.


Functionality is packed into a small package with the DSM series. Quickly and accurately measure McFarland units, % transmission and absorbency in a micro-volume, cuvette or tube in either single measurement or time-lapse mode. 

Time Lapse:

With the DSM series, users have the ability to take cell density data over seconds, minutes, or even hours. Data is automatically stored and can be recalled and displayed in either chart or graph formats. 


Store up to 1000 data points on the DSM series and be able to display them into a chart format. Easily scroll through the data with the up/down capacitive touch bottoms just below the screen.


The DSM series allows data points to be displayed in graphical format for better visualization. Quickly and easily graph up to 1000 data points at a time.