Microspek FL96

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High-Throughput Screening That is Fast, Accurate, & Repeatable

Laxco’s MicroSpek™ FL96 is an multi-channel Fluorometer that measures DNA, RNA and protein concentrations in a 96 well format.  The MicroSpek™ FL96  unique design, reads 12 wells simultaneously thereby reducing the overall amount of time it takes to scan the 96 wells. With a very small footprint, and with a wide range of capabilities this instrument can go anywhere in the researcher’s laboratory space.  MicroSpek™ FL96 includes our SEO1000™ (Static Expanded Oblique 1000nm) & unique patent pending APC (Auto Power-output Compensation)  technology to ensure accuracy and reproducibility, while delivering high throughput screening capability.  The ergonomic design includes a fully integrated capacitive touch screen with easy to use software and tablet style apps, which makes the MicroSpek™ FL96 the perfect solution for any high-throughput lab.

Key features of the Laxco MicroSpek™ FL98 Microplate Fluorometer include:

    • Powerful, ARM processor quickly and accurately quantifies DNA, RNA, and protein, in seconds per sample
    • 4 channel excitation florescence
    • Barcode reader for plates and florescence filters
    • Stores up to 3GB worth of sample results
    • Large 4.3” state-of-the-art color capacitive touch screen for easy work flow
    • Ability to personalize your MicroSpek™ FL fluorometer with the assays you run most, add new assays, or even create your own through the settings.
    • 3 USB ports for USB printing and data storage
    • Small compact footprint
    • Standalone device; with no computer required
    • SEO10000™ & Patent pending APC technology
    • Scans 12 wells simultaneously
    • Accurate & repeatable results every time
    • Excitation Wavelength of 365nm, 460nm for dsDNA & ssDNA, & 630nm for RNA