MicroSpek™ LIFE 8

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The Next Step in Micro-Volume Testing

Laxco’s MicroSpek™ LIFE 8 DNA/RNA/Protein purity Concentration Reader measures nucleic acid and purified protein simultaneously from 8 micro-sites of 1.0µL samples. The LIFE 8 patent pending multi-channel technology creates a powerful, yet simple convenient tool for life scientists & researchers who need to determine the sample concentration from single, double or microplate formats. The LIFE 8’s small footprint saves precious time and space, making it perfect for any size lab.

Key features of the Laxco MicroSpek™ LIFE Array Fluorometer include:

    • Measures DNA/RNA concentrations at 260 nm and purity using the 260/280 nm ratio
    • Measures purified protein concentrations at 280 nm
    • Employs the patent pending simultaneous multi-channel  path length correction technology
    • Utilizes Auto Power-output Compensation (APC) technology to compensate for minor variances in light intensity
    • Fully integrated touch panel display with user friendly tablet style apps
    • 2 USB port for USB printing and data storage
    • Small compact footprint
    • Standalone device; with no computer required
    • Network compatibility 
    • Accurate & repeatable results every time     

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