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High-Throughput - 8 Sample at a Time:

MicroSpek™ LIFE 8 is designed to accommodate up to 8 different micro-volume samples of Nucleic Acids (RNA & DNA) or Proteins at volumes of 1-2µl simultaneously. Samples do not require dilution and can be pipetted onto 8 sample pedestals with either a single or multi-channel pipette. 


MicroSpek™ LIFE 8 utilizes 3 LED’s centered at 260 nm and 280 nm to measure the absorption of nucleic acid and protein samples, and a reference sample at a wavelength of 365 nm. 


MicroSpek™ LIFE 8 brings the look, feel, and functionality of most commonly used smartphone user interface (UI) to its  4.3”, capacitive multi-touch, color TFT display.


Multiple options for data removal to include connection to network through USB, storage directly to USB flash drive, internal storage of up to 3GB, with ability to analyze data in 96 well formats, and has the ability to print to most commonly used printers.

SEP1000™ Optical System:

The MicroSpek™ LIFE 8 employs the latest in micro-volume spectrophotometer optical design with its new patent pending Static Expanded Parrell 1000nm (SEP1000™) optical design. Based on modern optical microscopy techniques, the MicroSpek™ LIFE 8’s optical system uses an infinity corrected light path which allows the sample to be moved within the optical system without affecting the amount of light the sample receives. In the more traditional systems such as the NanoDrop™ LITE there is an optimal position where the sample receives the maximum amount of light, but as the sample is stretched or squashed that amount of light the sample receives can change. This modern technique increases accuracy and repeatability of the sample, as it is not affected by any variables such as sample volume amount, or movement within its fixed length optical system. 

Light Path Designed for Accuracy:

The MicroSpek™ LIFE 8 utilizes the SEP1000™ optical system with a 1000 µm diameter optical light path diameter and scratch resistant sapphire pedestal lens to deliver LED illumination to the sample. The large diameter light path allows the Life’s optical system to collect a 400 times larger sample area of the same volume of sample as what its competitor NanoDrop™ Lite does. This increased sample area means greater accuracy as the readings are not affected by particles or debris, and does not a large volume of sample.

APC Technology for Stability & Repeatability:
The MicroSpek™ LIFE 8 utilizes its patent pending Auto Power-Output Compensation (APC) technology to adjust for minor variances in the light intensity. All lamps can have slight fluctuations in their intensity during operation and over time. The MicroSpek™ LIFE 8 incorporates a direct feedback loop that measures the amount of unrestricted light at the same time as measuring the absorbed light passing through the sample. Any variances in the feedback loops intensity values is compensated for and new reading is taken automatically. This increases the accuracy and prevents the need for continuous blanking or reference the sample.