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Laxco stereo zoom microscopes are among the most common instruments found for general laboratory use. They combine excellent stereoscopic zoom capabilities, with small-footprint stands, and built-in illumination from above and below the sample. These traditional optical stereo microscopes are research-grade, with top level performance, and a wide choice of zoom magnification ranges.

Each unit goes through extensive quality control checks to verify critical optical performance in parfocality, parcentricity, optical alignment and optical flatness of field of view. Mechanical and electrical performances are checked to ensure optimal performance at every point, which makes Laxco’s stereo zoom microscopes the best in its class.

The A10 series design allows for the most versatility in the movement range for those applications where the optics needs to be moved over the specimen in practically every conceivable position. Both vertical and horizontal reach all nearly any size object to be viewed; big or small. The smooth, gliding arm articulates in a full 360° radius, with both vertical and horizontal movement. With its 150 watt fiber optic illuminator, light cascades down onto the working surface, illuminating a large, homogenized area. With a wide range of optics, this system is both versatile and adaptable to any application.