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Light Source:

Powerful, yet durable, this 21 volt, 150 watt fiber optic illumination boasts a 36” fiber optic ring lamp that attaches securely to the nose cone of the optical head. Light guide securely lock in place with large neural knob, and can be easily changed out. Its precision dimmer control adjusts illumination in a continuous, smooth, fluid motion creating homogenized, cascading beam of light which illuminates the sample.


•        Infrared filter placed directly in front of bulb reduces IR light rays that produce heat at sample

•        36” fiber optic light ring lamp cascades 150 watts of homogenized light down onto large working surface

•        Fan cooled and  thermal fuse protected

•        Heat shield, hinged lid allows for easy access to replacing bulb and protection from bulb heat

•        Large neural knob securely locks light guides in place