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Broad-Range magnification head with 0.65s to 6x primary magnification range (6.5x to 60x when used with a 10x eyepiece). Its parfocal zoom control delivers crisp, clear images throughout the zoom magnification range. Dual, side-mounted knobs clearly mark the magnification value, and allow the user to quickly identify what magnification they are on.

Optional supplementary lenses and eyepiece alternatives are available to increase or decrease magnification range.


•        Binocular and trinocular (for camera) options

•        Dual diopter adjustments accommodates different eye focal length

•        Broad range in magnification from 6.5 to 60X (optional range 3.5X to 120X)

•        Smooth, continuous parfocal zoom

•        9.2:1 zoom ratio

•        23mm photo port (trinocular model only)

•        Switch easily between camera and eyepieces (trinocular model only)


10X super-widefield eyepieces with interpupillary and diopter adjustments to correct for
user-specific eyesight.