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Two clearly neural knobs on either side of the optical head allow the user to easily switch between a pair of fixed magnifications. Multiple combinations of magnification available to include 10/20x, 10/30x, 20/40x, 15/30x, 15/45x, 30/60x, 10/60x, and 40/80x. 

Dual, side-mounted knobs clearly mark the magnification value and allow the user to quickly identify what magnification they are on. Highly polished lenses create a smooth flat field of view with crisp, shape resolution. Parfocality is maintained when switching between high and low magnifications to prevent constant searching and refocusing of sample.


             Choose between multiple combinations of magnifications*

             Dual diopter adjustments accommodates different eye focal length

             Parfocality maintained between magnifications

             Clearly marked neural knobs for magnification

* Changing eyepiece to 15x or 20x is require



10X super-widefield eyepieces with interpupillary and diopter adjustments to correct for user-specific eyesight.