Polarization contrast microscopy is used in birefringent samples to identify crystal structures  by creating a shift in the phase of light.  

LMC-2000 Series:
  • Single high-powered LED
  • Carrying handle for easy portability
  • Darkfield and cross polarization options
  • 45° observation angle with interpupillary and diopter adjustments
  • 3 watt, dimmable LED with 50,000 life span that maintains a constant color temperature
  • Low-position, X/Y axis mechanical stage that allows for precise sample movement
  • Reversed nosepiece allows for easy access to slides
  • Adjustable focusing stop protects slides and objective lens from damage
  • Focusing control tension adjustment
  • Pre-centered phase contrast sliders for 10/20/40/100x objective lens allows for easy operation
  • Auto-switching power supply between 110v - 240V
  LMC-3000 Series:
  • Single High-powered LED
  • Carrying handle
  • Stable main body
  • Cross polarization and darkfield options available
  • Brightfield & Phase contrast, with pre-centered and centerable phase turret options
  • High contrast, infinity corrected, broad beam optical design
  • Dimmable, 3 watt LED with 50,000 hours life span, and maintains constant color temperature
  • 360°  rotating binoculars
  • 50 to 75mm interpupillary distance adjustment
  • Rubber eyecups
  • Diopter adjustments
  • Anti-flective coatings create sharp images with bright color contrast
  • 10x/20mm locked in eyepiece with ability to lock in (optional)
  • Full Kohler with iris diaphragm
  LMC-4000 Series:
  • Y-Shaped body for maximum stability
  • Carrying handle for easy transportation
  • Brightfield & phase contrast
  • High contrast, infinity corrected, broad beam optical system
  • 100% completely modular design allows for flexibility in the configuration
  • Anti-reflective coatings on all optics to produce crisp, sharp, naturally vibrant colored images
  • Parcentered & Parfocal optics
  • Reversed quintuple nose-piece
  • Full Koehler illumination with field and iris diaphragms
  • 10x/22mm high eyepoint plan eyepieces
  • Pre-centered 30-watt halogen illumination
  • Single & double layer X/Y mechanical stage with precision movements down to 0.1 mm
  • 1.25 N.A phase turret condenser with rotation wheel to select between BF and PH
  LMC-5000 Series:
Coming Soon