Laxco Inc.  is a precision instrument manufacturing company providing component sourcing, manufacturing of sub-assemblies, and US-based quality control and customer service. Our clients consist of Fortune 500 company as well as startup companies. We are a proven outsourcing partner in all stages of development and manufacturing. Our goal is to improve gross margin and profit for customers, even during the early stages of product development.

       Our China affiliate companies and it's  sub-contractors allows us to leverage the unique economic advantage of overseas contract manufacturing and passing on these benefits to our clients.

        With headquarters in Bothell, Washington, we are always available to answer any project concerns or inquiries our customers may have.


Areas of Expertise

      • Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies

      • Precision Vertical Machine Center(VMC) Made parts

      • Precision Swiss machine(CNC Lathe) made parts

      • Precision Injection Molded Parts
      • Precision Sheet Metal Parts
      • Turnkey Electronic Board Assembly Service

      • Precision Optical Components

       Our overseas ultra clean room and ESD free facility can help you assemble the finished product or the sub-assemblies that may consist of precision machined parts,  optical elements, electronic boards or all of the above at the best available cost for you.