UV/Vis spectrophotometer

  OPTIZEN series have been upgraded with unseen spectrophotometer till now in this field. OUR new launching model is named as OPTIZEN POP.
  - Emotional Design: Design term by Donald A. Norman
 : Unique, defined crystal look: Selectable from our cover designs or your own design/logo
- Economical but rather powerful performance
 : Rational and reasonable price
   (7 connecting ports single beam spectrophotometer and embedded PC).
- Stability in measurement
 : Auto blank measuring method, Sliding LC Mirror Changer, free voltage, temperature cell
   sensor and noise elimination method
- Versatility with customizing your needs.
 : Education, institutions, factories, personnel and other uses.
- Windows CE operation: Standard storage memory 2GB (Option: 8GB)
  Able to back up data at portable USB memory
  Online networking available:
- Voice guide: Instruction given with voice guide
- larger display (specification: touch screen 7 Inches TFT LCD)
- Convenient printing

OPTIZEN POP don’t need exclusive printer, any USB printers that support PCL mode are available to use.
- For environments and green (save the earth)*2
  :Saving electric power helps keeping green surround your environment.
   OPTIZEN POP minimizes stand-by power consumption with motor driven.
   If you use OPTIZEN POP 720 hours in a year, 19kg of Carbon dioxide can be reduced.
   (When making 1KW of electricity power, 424g of Carbon dioxide is emitting)
- Quartz over-coating
  :Designed to protect high-precision optical components from contaminants.
   It greatly improves the lifespan of product.
- Free voltage
  :Stability in analyzed value with an unstable situation in a separate transformer or
   without power supply voltage stabilizer. It allows turning on D2 lamp unwavering to
   analyze in ultraviolet ray range.
- Compact with good specification: 433(W) x 381(D) x 180mm (H) (8Kg)
  :Auto blank measuring method is to measure the reference sample automatically at
   every measurement. It minimizes error that can occur so that stability in comparable
   measurement can implement with double beam type spectrophotometer
- Noise elimination
  :Analog filter eliminates noise that occurs when sensor changes intensity through
   electric signal

OPTIZEN View (Built-in software)
ATC mode
STC mode
Standard Curve Mode
SUR mode
Survey Scan Mode
KIN mode
Kinetic Scan Mode
  Optical System Single Beam Type
  Spectral Band Pass Width < 1.8nm
  Range 190 ~ 1100nm
  Accuracy <± 0.5nm (at D₂ peak 656.1nm, 486.0nm)
  Reproducibility <± 0.1nm
  Setting ≤ 0.1nm
  Slew Rate About 7,800nm/min
  Scanning Speed Max. 4,000nm/min
  Range -3.0 ~ 3.0 ABS (Enable to Set Up)
  Accuracy ± 0.005 ABS (at 1.0 ABS)
  Reproducibility ± 0.003 ABS (at 1.0 ABS)
  Stray Light < 0.05%T (220nm, 340nm)
  Baseline Stability < ± 0.001 ABS/h (at 550nm)
  Baseline Flatness < ± 0.002 ABS (200- 1100nm)
  Monochomater Modified Czerny- Turner type with 1200 lines/mm blazed Grating
  Light Source Tungsten-halogen & Deuterium Lamp
  Lamp Change Wavelength 340 - 410nm (Default 370nm), including Auto Position System
  Standard Cell Holder Rotary type 8 position Multi Cell Holder
  Interface Ports 4 USB ports / 3 RS-323C ports
  Power Requirement Free Voltage
  Overall Dimensions(mm) 433(W) x 381(D) x 180(H)
  Weight 8kg