Easy performances in biochemistry analysis
    DNA, RNA, and protein analyzer

    1. No sample dilution
2. No other cuvettes
3. No cross contaminations
4. Good reproducibility

Due to the integrated beam deflection and the use of fibre-optic cables it is possible to measure the sample directly on the surface of the optical window. The cap with mirror provides a welldefined optical light path and prevents the sample from drying up or evaporated. Leads to much small volume to be analyzed.
The measurement remains reproducible because the sample will not be enriched by evaporation of the solution. During filling and cleaning stages, cell remaining in the photometer leads to continuously identical position of the aperture in the light beam and no variation in comparison to the reference measurement.

Hellma cell ( tray cell) view
1mm cap 3ul to 5ul
0.2mm cap 0.7ul to 4ul



OPTIZEN View (Built-in software)
Nucleic Acid Analysis
Warburg Christian
Kalb Bernlohr
Protein Analysis
Bradford Mode
Cell Density
Features with performance and reliability
  - Nucleic acids analysis
- Determination of the incorporation frequency of fluorescent dye labels ( FOI )
- Protein analysis : A280, BCA, Bradfod, Lowry and etc.
- All UV/Visible range utilized analysis
- Labeling efficiency
- Enzyme activity and reaction rate
- Cell density