Operation Coordinator

Position Summary


The operation Coordinator position need to help coordinating the customers and the overseas manufacturing affiliate to fulfill the customer needs and orders. The ability to work with the internal sales and the major clients to facilitate the orders and the needs of the customers on a timely manner.


Essential Functions


1. Coordinate daily production, purchasing, and shipment operations. 

a. Use Laxco ERP system to determine shortages and demands. 

b. Coordinate with Sales to determine urgent needs. Communicate these needs to vendors. 

2. Communicate with customers to ensure smooth customer operations. 

a. Conduct weekly meetings with major customers to solicit grievances and suggestions. 

b. Communicate customers' needs to Laxco's in-house CM. Follow up to ensure successful resolution. 

3. Collaborate with R&D team to help in the product development process. 

a. Help conduct software tests and hardware builds. 

b. Provide guidance with sourcing decisions for R&D products. 

4. Communicate with onsite CM managers to ensure smooth operations. 

a. Ensure smooth operation for Laxco's in-house CM. 

b. Prioritize their builds to accommodate customer R&D requests. 

5. Manage supply chain operations. 

a. Ensure on-time delivery for Laxco's orders. 

b. Ensure on-time delivery for Laxco's customers' urgent orders. 

6. Manage warehouse. 

a. Ensure cleanliness and organization of the warehouse. 

b. Properly segregate Laxco's R&D items and production items. 

c. Properly receive and ship out Laxco's orders. 

d. Properly receive and ship out Chenpo's US-sourced orders. 

7. Other Tasks assigned.



            The Operation Coordinator reports to the Laxco President.  The coordinator will be coordinating the production manager, the QA manager, and the export manager of whom work for the Laxco's subsidiary in China.


Job Requirements:



1-3  years experience with the relative field would be appreciated. Experience with Manufacturing ERP system and has a manufacturing related experience would be great.


Specific Skills:       


1.  Must have experience working under manufacturing ERP system.

2.  Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word & Excel) and familiarity with computer basics is preferred.
3.  Ability to communicate both verbally and written with customers and other employees both one-on-one and during meetings.

4.  Fluent in both English and Mandarin.
5.  Ability to prepare reports and present information to customers. 
6.  Must have attention to detail and critically think through and resolve problems.
7.  Must have customer service skills and be able to maintain a consistent, high level of service.
8.  Must have ability to multi-task, manage multiple accounts and establish priorities.


Company Background


Laxco is a multi-dimensional firm. Our design studio is located in the Seattle area while manufacturing is handled by our overseas affiliate company. Our business provides a broad spectrum of products. We are based in optical products with analytical instrument, sport optics, and OEM parts supplier segments. The analytical instrument segment provides spectrophotometers, protein purity meters and cell density meters to the market. The sports optics segment sells rifle scopes, rugged, outdoor enthusiast, cameras, all weather binoculars, and highly durable flashlights. We support other manufacturers with our OEM parts business segment. Laxco capabilities for the OEMs span precision machined parts, custom injected molded parts, sheet metal parts, electronic assembles including PCB board manufacture and assembly, and the development of precision optical components. We have many new products in development and we welcome ODM and OEM opportunities that you may provide for us.